Normally in Windows, if Node Manager is running as a Windows service (usually called “Oracle WebLogic NodeManager…”), it starts up automatically upon system startup. However, if the service fails to start automatically which requires a manual start of the service, you can use the following to workaround this bug to start up Node Manager automatically with the Node Manager Windows service:

  1. Create a batch script. Edit the file using Notepad.
  2. Add the following lines (without the numbers):
    • @ECHO off
    • net start “Oracle WebLogic NodeManager (D_Oracle_Middleware_wlserver_10.3)”
    • net start “Oracle Process Manager (asinst_1)”
    • @ECHO off
    • exit
  3. Save and close the batch file
  4. Create a new scheduled task using Task Scheduler where the batch script runs after the user logs into the computer.

NOTE: Regarding the name of the Node Manager Windows service, the string after “Oracle WebLogic NodeManager” may differ depending on where you installed the Middleware home for Oracle WebLogic Server. To find the actual name, you may go to Windows Services, right-click on the service, and click “Properties”. In the service name, you will see the rest of the string which you may then add after net start “Oracle WebLogic NodeManager. In addition, the service name, “Oracle Process Manager (asinst_1)”, may also differ if the name of your Oracle instance (e.g. asinst_1) happens to be different in your environment.

This will allow a scheduled task which will run automatically to start the Node Manager service.