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Merck – Display Solutions has reporting system in liquid crystal research area modernized by PITSS

The leading supplier of substances and technologies for color-brilliant displays uses state-of-the-art IT components for the innovative power of its R&D

Research & Development – many reports and even more data

If your cell phone has a high-performance display and your monitors and televisions have brilliant color and imaging, then very often the high-tech components from Merck – Display Solutions are behind it, perhaps also in your devices.

Every day, Merck’s R&D team is tinkering with new formulations and processes to optimize displays. For this purpose, materials are provided, processed, mixed, measured and evaluated etc.. – in short, there is a vast amount of data that has to be made available in the shortest possible time in different combinations and formats.

It is a matter of making fast and good decisions, of creating new higher-performance materials by testing modified mix compositions and processes. A well-functioning reporting system is essential for this. With the impending end of Oracle Reports, an impetus for Merck – Display Solutions to move to a new, modern technology – JasperReports.

When new reporting excites the business department as much as a brilliant display excites the customer

The switch from Oracle Reports to JasperReports was successfully implemented by PITSS using the PITSS Reports 2 Jasper Modeler in time, budget and quality.

Thanks to the successful modernization project, all graphical documentation and reports with key figures, characteristic curves, guide flows, color densities and many other elements can be created in excellent quality and detail. The Merck – Display Solutions Research team can thus rely on essential reporting features and work efficiently.

Does your company or department also need powerful reporting for workflows and decision support?


Do you use important information and reports in your business processes? And if so, also in the desired quality? Do you get them easily and at the push of a button?

Modern reporting for innovative global market leader

Initial situation

Business critical Oracle Reports application in Merck – Display Solutions Research with approx. 50 reports has to be migrated. High demands on quality, security and stability.


The new reporting must be implemented and trained with a high level of professionalism and reliability.


PITSS Consulting was able to migrate the application to JasperReports using the PITSS Reports 2 Jasper Modeler and train the Merck team within the specified project duration.

Analysis and orientation for modernization to a new reporting system

Since reporting is business-critical for Merck – Display Solutions, it first required an in-depth review of PITSS‘ modernization approach, methodology, and expertise, as well as its new target technology, JasperReports.

PITSS products and the PITSS team have been providing valuable services to Merck – Display Solutions for over 10 years. The approach could be evaluated quickly and positively. An analysis with assessment was performed for the modernization itself and JasperReports, so that recommendations for the modernization steps could be given in addition to detailed results such as quality indicators, presentation of the project, calculation of time and costs.

The PITSS analysis and the recommendations derived from it provided orientation and the necessary confidence in the modernization project from Oracle Reports to JasperReports. Some reports were not even considered because after the analysis it became clear that they were either obsolete or no longer necessary.

„We knew we had to replace our Oracle Reports. On the way to JasperReports, we had PITSS at our side in every phase of the project. Planning, consulting, implementation, and training – everything fit and absolutely met our high requirements for quality and reliability. We have been using PITSS.CON for years and it has convinced us again in this project.”
Andreas Korbmann
Senior Business Partner at Merck – Display Solutions

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