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Dynamically get the value selected for autocomplete in Oracle APEX

Sometimes we would like to return the selected values from autocomplete and continue to use them in another Javascript function or send the value to the server. This is where Oracle APEX Autocomplete comes in handy.

Oracle APEX Autocomplete is a mechanism commonly used in modern websites to provide the user with a list of suggested words that they have typed in a text box. The user can then select an item from the list displayed in the input field. This feature saves the user from having to type an entire word or a series of words. In this article, you will learn how to dynamically retrieve the selected value for autocomplete in Oracle APEX.

Create a Oracle dynamic action

  • Name: getselectedValue
  • Event: select
  • Item(s): choose your autocomplete Page Item
  • Event Scope: static
  • Action: Execute Javascript Code
  • Code: console.log(apex.item(this.triggeringElement.id).getValue())
  • Fire on Initialization : No




You can have a look at the Demo Application here

Case Study
Wie ein renommierter Forschungsbereich der Universität Gießen den Sprung von Oracle Forms nach Oracle APEX in Rekordzeit schaffte