Why and how to modernize legacy applications efficiently

Outdated legacy applications are the greatest threats to companies’ productivity and revenue. The traditional incremental approach to migrating and modernizing legacy applications is costly and inefficient and often taking years. With PITSS, it’s completely different.

As leaders in digital transformation, we migrate and modernize business-critical legacy systems in a fraction of the time it takes to do so manually.

What sets us apart are our PITSS Products in particular our Application Data Cube (ADC). The Application Data Cube analyzes software without overlooking a single line of code within the shortest time. It allows you to identify and isolate obsolete UIs, business logic, and databases then replace them with updated constructs.

Get inspired by the importance and simplicity of software modernization in 90 seconds.



Why and how migrating to APEX – Interviews with the experts

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Förderprojekt BMBF

PITSS erhält Zuschlag für Förderprojekt des BMBF zur digitalen Softwaredokumentation

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Hrc setzt bei der Wartung seiner Banken Software auf Tempo und Sicherheit mit dem PITSS Application Data Cube

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