Our Situation with Oracle Forms Testing

When the development process for a release of our tool PITSS.CON is finished by developers, we have to extensively test it before it is shipped to the customer. The tests can be manually handled by our test team which is testing new options and changes of our application which is really time extensive. The tests can be done also automatically by using OpenScript (as a part of Oracle OATS suite).

Our Benefit of Oracle Automated Testing Suite (Oracle OATS)

At the end, we can say that many times the process of preparing a new version of our application is automated, so we can include the testing part with OpenScript option before preparing a new version of our application. If everything is OK with the test scripts of our application, the installation is prepared automatically. If Errors occur during the running of OpenScripts, we cancel the process of preparing a new version of our application and inform our developers (via email) which testing scripts are finished with errors and pinpoint the problems in the new version of our application. With the described process, we can save a lot of time on our side and make sure that the customer gets a new version of our application only when everything is OK. The errors and problems with a new version of our application on customer side are dramatically minimized.

The process

How to make automatic test is described in 10 simple steps below:

  1. Connect to the remote computer where our application can be run by the OpenScript
  2. Open OpenScript applicationOS_bar
  3. Create new scriptOS_new_TEST
  4. Pick the option Oracle EBS/Forms (if you test the Oracle forms application) and click NextOS_Pick
  5. Write the name of the script and click FinishOS_Pick1
  6. New script is opened in the Tree ViewOS_Script
  7. Record the testing scriptOS_Script_RecGo to the application page and through the process which you want to testOS_APPLOS_Script_Edit
  8. Playback the script and check is everything is OKOS_Script_PlayOS_Script_Report

    You can view the recorded screenshots and other script data


  9. The generated report is in the working OATS script directory, where you can see all the collected data from the recorded scriptOS_FileNameReport BasicReport.htm Report
  10. We can check the ‚think time‘ between the steps in the script and change it (if the time is to large)OS_Script_ThinkOS_Script_Think_1


Don’t forget to save the script 🙂

OS_Script_Think_3So your first OpenScript is made 🙂

I hope you will make many more.

Expert time

We can check the ‘Java Code’ tab for the recorded script in java language and modify the script with new java statements. For example we add statement browser.close() to close the browser when we exit the application. Every step in the testing script of our application can be written with java statement so you can control the process of testing all the way in OpenScript.