Upgrade Analysis

Identify and Prepare your Oracle Forms Application Relevant in an Upgrade

Do you want to learn more about the complexity of your upgrade, specifically what kind of challenges you can expect and where? Do you want to identify potential savings, objects that don’t need to be migrated, and which Forms and Reports can be replaced by objects in the new technology?

Prepare an upgrade project plan, discover upgrade costs, and determine the time required for an upgrade.

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“Technological Leap Forward in Record Time. Make new from old: This phrase best summarizes the VW’s migration of a business critical application from Oracle Forms version 3 to version 11g, Oracle ADF and MS. NET. And thanks to PITSS.CON, at a price lower than anybody expected.”

David Christmann, Head of Project Delivery Systems ATLAS Dezentral at VW

Your Situation

You want to move your proven Oracle Forms applications to the web and migrate to the 3-tier architecture as quickly as possible. However, you are currently unable to accurately estimate the costs associated with this project and are hesitant to take on a migration where it is uncertain how much intensive manual work will be required.

Do you want to know which pieces of code can be identified as dead code? Do you want to learn more about the complexity of your upgrade and the challenges you should expect? Do you need help estimating the effort and cost allocation for your upgrade project? Do you want to identify hidden savings potential, objects that do not need to be migrated, and which Forms and Reports objects can be replaced with new technology? Do you want to know what redesign possibilities are available for your applications and whether or not a consistent design can be integrated in your migration? Do you want to learn more about the qualitative improvement of your application in order to achieve lower maintenance costs and shorter training periods?

Upgrade Analysis at a Glance

With the PITSS Upgrade Analysis and the help of PITSS.CON, we show you all the automatable, partially-automatable, and manual processes that are necessary to migrate your Oracle Forms applications to newer versions. We provide you with a cost estimate for the entire upgrade process, from the infrastructure to the project planning to any necessary manual changes to source code. After the analysis, you will be in a position to precisely plan and calculate the upgrade project.

The PITSS Upgrade Analysis

1. Preparation (Remote / On-Site)

Identification of all data relevant to the upgrade process.

2. Analysis (Off-Site)

Loading and parsing of source code.
Dependencies in the PITSS.CON Repository.
Identification of all areas relevant for upgrade and preparation of metrics:

  • Replaceable and irreplaceable obsolete code.
  • Critical Forms build-ins (behavioral changes).
  • Obsolete objects.

Preparation of a project plan with a phase model (performing upgrades and existing developments simultaneously).
Infrastructure consulting (database and WLS certification).

Evaluation for the presentation and documentation.

3. Presentation (On-Site)

Evaluation and preparation of results.
Summary and presentation of Upgrade Analysis.
Demonstration of the procedure.

What you get:

  • Cost Evaluation
  • Project Planning
  • Recommendations

Target Group: IT Managers, Project Managers, and Team Leaders
Duration: One Week or Less
Prerequisites: Status Quo Analysis