Technology Base (Oracle Management) - PITSS America, LLC

Technology Base

The Foundation for Efficient and Effective Oracle Application Management

Increase quality and productivity by using Oracle application management for an entire project in one place.


Go beyond the capabilities of your forms and applications by adopting a repository, model-driven development method.


Faster migration to new versions of Oracle Forms


Development and maintenance made more efficient and cost-effective


Quality of applications
is improved by a powerful rules engine


Application knowledge is kept
for investment protection


Collaboration, transparency, and code re-usability increases developer productivity


Current, comprehensive application documentation

At a Glance

The PITSS.CON Technology Base (TB) lies at the heart of PITSS.CON and consists of a fine-grained, intelligently-linked Oracle Forms repository that manages the source code of entire Oracle applications. It offers its various modules all of the necessary functionalities for the whole life cycle of Oracle application management. With the PITSS.CON Technology Base, Oracle Forms and Reports applications of any size or complexity can be managed, developed, and re-engineered.

Functional Highlights

  • Redesign thousands of Oracle Forms at once using secure and precise model-based routines
  • All application resources in a central Oracle Forms repository
  • Supports all types of relevant objects:
    • FMB, MMB, PLL, OLB and RDF modules – database objects, functions, procedures, packages, triggers, etc.
    • External files and components (Java, SQL, embedded languages, etc.)
  • Parse complex applications to identify all objects and store them in a central Oracle Forms repository
  • Recreate any version of Forms and Reports using standard Oracle API Layer
  • User-based Security Model
  • Complete documentation of the development steps for the entire Oracle application management and development
  • Fully-reproducible development steps and customizable templates for reuse across other projects
  • An integrated platform for the entire life cycle