There is a bug in Forms/Reports where reports generated into PDFs are not displayed correctly in AIX and Solaris (possibly even Windows 32-bit) environments. According to Oracle Support note 1522543.1, an Oracle Patch, 17903693, will need to be applied to the Forms/Reports environment.

NOTE: This patch is already included with Forms and Reports for Windows 64-bit.

How to Apply the Patch:

  1. Download Patch 17903693 from My Oracle Support
  2. Extract the patch into your directory. As a reference, let’s call the extracted location PATCH_TOP.
  3. Shut down all WebLogic servers and instances (OPMN).
  4. Set the following environment variables (NOTE: MW_HOME is your Oracle Middleware home):
    • Windows: set PATH=%PATH%;%MW_HOME%\oracle_common\OPatch
    • Windows: set ORACLE_HOME=%MW_HOME%\Oracle_FRHome1
    • Unix: export PATH=$PATH:$MW_HOME/oracle_common/OPatch
    • Unix: export ORACLE_HOME=$MW_HOME/Oracle_FRHome1
  5. Go to the PATCH_TOP/17903693 directory (PATCH_TOP\17903693 in Windows)
  6. Run: opatch apply
  7. Type ‘y’ and press Enter when it asks if the system is ready for patching.
  8. When the patch is finished, start up the WebLogic servers and OPMN.

PDF reports should display correct after applying the steps above.

NOTE: Please review the README file before applying any Oracle patch!

Source: Oracle Support note 1522543.1