10g PITSS.CON Setup Prerequisites

1.     Minimum System Requirements

1.1.    Oracle Supported Forms Builder Platforms (Development Client):

1.1.1. Windows XP 32-bit SP3+

1.1.2. Windows Server 2003 32-bit R2+

1.1.3. Windows Server 2008 32-bit

1.1.4. Windows 7 32-bit

1.2.    Oracle Support Forms & Reports Services Platforms (Server):

1.2.1. Windows Server 2003 32-bit R2+

1.2.2. Windows Server 2008 32-bit R2+

1.2.3. Windows Server 2008 64-bt R2+

1.3.    RAM: 2 – 3 GB+(Depending on operating system support)

1.4.    Virtual Memory: 2-3GB+

1.5.    HDD Space: At least 30GB of free space for the installation directory/drive where you want 10g WebLogic and Forms Installed

1.6.    OS User Access Requirements:

1.6.1. The operating system user that is used for the installation must have Administrative privileges on the machine and “Full Access” to the file system directory where 11g WebLogic and Forms was installed.

1.6.2. The OS user admin account should be locally created on the PC/server.

1.6.3. IMPORTANT: This OS account used to install the Oracle software MUST be used to run the Oracle Services per the Oracle Forms Certification Matrix (it is best to use an account to which multiple system admins will have access) and PITSS.CON must also be installed as the same user who installed WebLogic and Forms.

2.     Software Requirements

2.1.    Java JDK 1.6.0_24

2.1.1. Go to http://java.sun.com/products/archive/j2se/6u24/index.html

2.1.2. Click “Java SE 6”

2.1.3. Click “Java SE Development Kit 6u24”

2.1.4. Click on “jdk-6u24-windows-i586.exe” for 32-bit and “jdk-6u24-windows-x64.exe” for 64-bit.


2.2.    Database Requirements

A Database will be needed to store the PITSS.CON Repository. The database MUST be a locally installed database (in the same local-area network (LAN) as the application server).

2.2.1. Database 11g is recommended for 10g Forms, 10gR2 is the minimum acceptable version.

2.2.2. The database should NOT be the XE edition of Oracle Database.

2.2.3. We’ll need a database user with DBA privileges accessible (such as SYS).

2.2.4. The database will need CTXSYS user installed on the database (done through installing Oracle Text on the database) where the PITSS.CON Repository will run. To check if Oracle Text was installed, check to see if a CTXSYS user exists (without manually installing it).

2.2.5. A tablespace will need to be created for the PITSS Repository. It should be expandable  (auto-extend) with at least 3 GB of space. Please let PITSS know the name of the tablespace to use.

2.2.6. The database where the PITSS.CON Repository will be installed should be a development or test database. We do not recommend using a production database.

2.2.7. NOTE: After PITSS.CON is installed, the PITSS.CON repository should NOT be moved to a separate database or server using export/import or Data Pump. Please contact PITSS before moving PITSS.CON to a separate database or server.

2.3.    Application Modules

2.3.1. Please have all modules (forms, menus, libraries, and reports) ready for loading into PITSS.CON.


2.4.    PITSS.CON 12.3.1

2.4.1. Please contact PITSS at 248-740-0935 or pitssam-support@pitss.com for download instructions.

2.5.    Webutil, JACOB, and PITSS.CON Install Scripts

2.5.1. Please contact PITSS at 248-740-0935 or pitssam-support@pitss.com for download instructions.

If you have any questions on the above, please contact PITSS.