When installing Oracle Forms and Reports, if most or all of the prerequisite checks fail due to a common error “Not executed”, check the install logs. Inside the log, if you receive the following errors according to Oracle Support note 468051.1:

“Checking operating system requirements … Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Not executed <<<< OUI-15038: Unable to execute rule ‘CertifiedVersions’ from ruleset ‘OSChecks’. The underlying test ‘oracle.sysman.oip.oipc.oipcz.OipczOSChecks.checkCertifiedOSVersions’ has thrown an unhandled exception [For input string: “18446744073709551615”]. If the exception results in a failure of the test and the exception needs to be propagated, then encapsulate the exception in the result object and return the result.”

You may need to edit the SHMMAX setting in Linux. The input string shown in the error “18446744073709551615” is the current SHMMAX setting. The maximum value it can be is 4294967295 (or FFFFFFFF). You can fix this error by the following:

  1. As the root user, go to /etc/
  2. Open the file sysctl.conf using a text editor
  3. Add a new line at the end of the file as follows: kernel.shmmax=4294967295
  4. Save all changes and exit the file
  5. Activate the new setting by: /sbin/sysctl –p
  6. Run the Forms installer again (as oracle). The errors should not appear.