There is no easy way to determine which group a PITSS.CON user belongs to inside PITSS.CON. To find what group a PITSS.CON user belongs to, you can run the following SQL:

  1. Log into SQLPLUS (or SQL Developer, Toad) as the MIG user
  2. Run the following SQL: select mig_pitsscon_users.user_name,mig_pitsscon_groups.group_name from mig_pitsscon_users inner join mig_pitsscon_groups on mig_pitsscon_users.group_id=mig_pitsscon_groups.group_id;

You should see an output like below:


In the above screenshot, it shows first the name of the PITSS.CON user with the GROUP right below it. For example, the PITSS1 user is a member of the USERS group in PITSS.CON.