There is an issue reported with the Forms and Reports configuration at the Access Control step when trying to sync with the Oracle Access Manager (OAM) environment. The issue is that when the OAM server information (Hostname, Port, Username, and Password) is entered in, regardless if the information entered is correct or not, the following error is presented:

INST-07543: Could not retrieve OAM information with the given credentials.


Looking in the OAM AdminServer logs also shows the following error:

<OAM-30046><agentvalidate mode failed. Agent does not exist. >


This is a bug reported with OAM where even the correct OAM credentials cause this error when configuring Forms and Reports. Fortunately, this bug is only encountered with the validation check within the Forms/Reports Configuration Wizard (config.bat or

As a workaround, close the Configuration Wizard and open up Command Prompt as an administrator (or your SSH terminal in Linux). Navigate to the %ORACLE_HOME%\bin ($ORACLE_HOME/bin) directory and start the Configuration Wizard with the following:

Windows: config.bat –novalidation

Linux: ./ –novalidation

This will turn off all validation checks within the Configuration Wizard. You will be able to successfully complete the Access Control step in the wizard without a problem. WARNING: Make sure all information in the wizard is entered correctly as the wizard will NOT check for any errors or inconsistencies when using the “novalidation” flag. Use the Configuration Wizard at your own risk!

We have performed this workaround in our test environment, and we noticed that everything was configured successfully with the Forms and Reports configuration including the creation of the mod_osso agent required for Forms-OAM synchronization. We have had no problems logging into Forms using OAM as all Single Sign-On functionalities appear to work correctly in both Windows and Linux.

NOTE: This issue has also been reported when configuring Forms with an OAM (with BP02) and OAM (with BP03) environment.