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Forms Upgrade Edition

Oracle Forms Upgrade with Mostly Complete Automation

The one-step upgrade from any version of Oracle Forms to 11g or 12c. Reduce the cost and time of Oracle Forms migration and upgrades.


Ensures support, maintenance, and technical security of applications


To exploit innovative concepts in the development


Automatic switch minimizes effort and error sources


Keep investments in business-critical applications


More cost-effective project execution using the utmost automation


Complete range of evaluation to turnkey implementation

At a Glance

Outdated technology is risky, simply because of lack of maintenance and support on the part of the manufacturer. If errors are not corrected, it can lead to serious problems. Innovative concepts can not be used┬áand┬áfunctional enhancements are unnecessarily complicated, decreasing user acceptance. On one hand, you want to protect past investments and not just throw them away; on the other, we shrink from expense, risk, and┬ácost of a manual upgrade. The latest release of Oracle Forms 12c demonstrates Oracle’s continued commitment to the Oracle Forms and Reports development platform, and it includes many new functional and technical enhancements. Upgrading or migrating to the latest version of Oracle Forms and Reports is an important step to leverage your ongoing technology investment and prepare your application software architecture for new Java-based technologies, such as ADF. Determining the correct modernization approach will help you balance the business value, cost, and timing for your modernization project. PITSS provides all the necessary tools and services to make the Oracle Forms upgrade to┬á11g or 12c as efficient, cost-effective, and time-saving as possible.


PITSS is an Oracle Gold Partner and a member of the Oracle Modernization Alliance (OMA), and it is the only Oracle Forms Migration Partner for automated migrations. With PITSS.CON, any Oracle Forms and Reports application can be upgraded and modernized to the latest supported versions in a fraction of the time. Applied and perfected for thosuands of Oracle Forms applications, these technologies allow PITSS.CON to handle even the most complex Oracle modules and re-engineer them as fully-functional modern applications. This approach eliminated security risks and compliance issues while taking full advantage of features and functionality available in new releases. PITSS.CON enables companies to upgrade any Oracle Forms and Reports application, independent of the starting version, in a matter of days. You may experience cost savings of up to 90% compared to a manual Oracle Forms migration approach. This is one of many reasons why Oracle recommends PITSS.CON to their clients.

Functional Highlights

With PITSS.CON Migration, your organization will benefit from:

Full automation of Oracle Forms migration / upgrade projects.
Reduction of cost and time to migrate / upgrade by up to 90%.
One-step Oracle Forms upgrade from any version to the latest version.
Predefined templates and projects solve all known migration challenges.
Automatic replacement of obsolete and changed components.

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