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Oracle Forms to ADF Edition 

The Foundation for Efficient and Effective Oracle Forms Migration

How do you invest in ADF while protecting your investment in Oracle Forms? PITSS and PITSS.CON can make it possible.


Complete changeover or parallel operation


To exploit innovative concepts in the development


Partially automated switch minimizes effort and error sources


Investments are protected in business-critical applications


More cost-effective project management through automation


Complete range of evaluation to turnkey implementation

At a Glance

The decision to migrate to JEE and Oracle ADF represents an important step towards modern, future-proof application. However, it is a major challenge, as it brings entirely new development paradigms with it. Many do not want to throw away the investments they’ve made in Oracle Forms applications, and PITSS offers support through proven Oracle Forms migration tools, best practices, and experienced consultants. This reduces the risks typical of a major technology change and, at the same time, the economic implementation.


With PITSS.CON, each Oracle Forms application can be migrated, automated, and modernized to ADF. This can be done in a fraction of the time it takes for a purely manual changeover. With PITSS.CON-based approaches, coaching, and training, your team will be fully productive in Java and JEE in a short amount of time. This allows for a successfully Oracle Forms migration to ADF for even the most complex applications.

The Oracle Forms
Migration to ADF Process

The migration process consists of three phases:

1. Preparation

Analysis of the Forms Application
Transfer of Business Logic into the Database
Building Web Services
Training Employees in ADF
Retrieve User Stories

2. Migration

Migration to Latest Oracle Forms Edition
Design and Optimization of the Architecture
Implementation of Central Functions
Carrying Out the Reaction Oracle Forms to ADF

3. Fine-Tuning

Adjustments to the Model Layer and UI Network
Redesign of Individual Components (Integration and Test)

Continuous quality assurance, documentation, and coaching by experienced consultants, PITSS ensures the timely implementation of the migration process.

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