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PITSS.CON Training

PITSS provides complementary services to enable customers and partners to optimally use the PITSS.CON product in their migration and development projects. Training, development, implementation and ongoing maintenance are only some of the key deliverables. Whether you are an existing user of PITSS.CON or are new to the tool, you may want to have an on-site training. PITSS will come on-site and train you on the tool with your own application. The training can be tailored to your organizationÔÇÖs needs or you can elect to receive the standard training. Either way you will be up and using PITSS.CON quickly. This training usually takes 2 to 3 days depending on whether your PITSS.CON environment is already setup, and it can be combined with the Migration Workshop. Agenda:

  • Setup of PITSS.CON environment
  • Base technology of PITSS.CON
  • Maintenance and Development functionalities
  • Migration functionalities
  • Migration best practices
  • Application Analysis functionalities

Migration (Proof of Concept) Workshop

PITSS can come on site and give you the ultimate proof of concept by walking you and your IT staff through the necessary steps to commit to a successful migration. On average you have a complete migrated application in less than 4 days and you could start user acceptance test scenarios. PITSS will come on-site and install our software, PITSS.CON, in your environment. We will load your application into the software and perform a Forms Upgrade or Migration from any version of Oracle Forms and Reports to the latest fully supported version (Developer Suite 11g or 12c). By the end of day 4, you will not only see the value of using PITSS.CON for your migration, but you will understand how PITSS.CON can be used on your ongoing projects to drive down costs. The best thing of all, you will be testing your application at the end of the 4 days because most, if not all of your application, will be completely migrated. Take advantage of this offer and get confidence in PITSS. No other tool or service provider offers a service like this. Agenda:

  • Install PITSS.CON
  • Load Application(s) into PITSS.CON
  • Begin Migration (usually 90 – 100% is achieved in first 3 – 5 days)
  • Address commands that require decision from the organization
  • Demonstrate all activities to appropriate audiences
  • Produce reports on any remaining issues
  • Provide direction on remaining issues

PITSS.CON Forms Upgrade Services

Based on the extensive knowledge base in PITSS.CON, we provide expert services to upgrade any Oracle Forms application within a few days to the latest version – faster and more economical than any other service provider. If requested, we even provide such services as a fixed price offering to minimize the risk of exceeding budget-targets.

Forms to ADF or Forms to APEX Migration Services

Only PITSS.CON prepares any Forms Application for a potential migration by removing dead code or by re-engineering the business-logic to meet the new software architecture standards of the target platform. Compared to other migration scenarios, which keep the old forms coding structure, this process ensures a higher code quality and more importantly avoids unmaintainable code typically generated by other automated conversion tools. We provide expert services to migrate any Oracle Forms Application to either ADF, APEX or Java by following this process to ensure and deliver the highest converted code quality. PITSS provides customized transition trainings for your Forms Developers to accelerate the transition by preparing for the new software development environments. If requested we even provide such services as a fixed price offering to minimize the risk of exceeding budget-targets.

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