Cutting-Edge Oracle Forms Upgrade and Modernization Technology

Are your Oracle Forms applications obsolete due to lack of support? Do you have time for a safe upgrade and avoid potential risk? PITSS.CON Oracle Forms upgrade can automate the upgrade in up to 90% less time!


Up to 90% automation of routine tasks.


Protects your previous investments in Oracle Forms


Automated Oracle Forms upgrade to minimize error


Stay current to ensure continued support, compliance, and security


More cost-effective project execution thanks to a high degree of automation


Our Oracle Forms analysis will make you aware of risks

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At a Glance

With PITSS.CON, each Oracle Forms and Reports application can be migrated and upgraded to the current version. Automated services make it possible to do this in a fraction of the time that would be needed for manual conversion. The heart of the upgrade process are the PITSS.CON repository, templates, and API-based programs. PITSS.CON can convert even the most complex Oracle Forms applications into fully-functional modern applications. By using our Oracle Forms upgrade services and implementing the functions of newer Forms versions, security risks and migration problems are eliminated.

Functional Highlights

  • Fast and secure migration of complex Oracle Forms applications to the latest technology
  • Oracle Forms applications are upgraded using almost full automation
  • Precise replacement of obsolete and edited components
  • Automated and error-free with predefined templates
  • Upgrade Oracle Forms and Reports applications from version 2.3 to versions 11g or 12c
  • Batch runs for the migration of large applications
  • Test acceleration through specific test runs based on change logs