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Visual Design

Modernize Oracle Forms Look and Feel with Automated Updates

Do you have outdated, stale Oracle Forms design and dissatisfied users, but no capacities to upgrade to a modern design?

Use PITSS.CON to modernize your Oracle Forms interface and instantly customize your Oracle Forms design!


Modern web interfaces for higher user acceptance


Make it quick, easy, and painless to modernize your forms

Conserve Resources

Little programming effort required


More cost-effective project management through automation

At a Glance

With PITSS.CON Visual Design, any visual changes to the Oracle Forms design┬ácan be quickly and easily implemented: from adapting to a modern screen resolution to redesigning Forms for a modern look and feel. With PITSS.CON Visual Design, these tasks are completed using automation tools: the whole application is instantly scaled to modern screen resolutions. The layout is optimized according to individual requirements without any code changes. Furthermore, PITSS.CON Visual Design allows the easy implementation of Java Beans and Pluggable Java Components to achieve a┬átrue web look and feel, while also speeding up the otherwise timeÔÇÉconsuming front end layout maintenance tasks such as adding new fields or solving overlapping conflicts.

Functional Highlights

  • Automatic generation of modern Forms optics
  • Customize the look and feel of an entire application
  • Layout optimization for easier maintenance and configuration of user interfaces
  • Automatic adjustment of all visual elements and fonts for optimal representation
  • No Forms programming effort required for design integration
  • Easily add Java components to┬áForms applications
  • Available for Windows and Linux, 32- and 64-bit installations
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