PITSS | Source Code Analytics - Software Analysis


An analysis tool for a wide range of applications in Oracle projects

Get a quick insight view into entire Oracle Forms and Reports applications

Source Code Analytics delivers all the key figures and answers for development, quality assurance and management


Analysis and quality evaluation at your fingertips


Facts as a basis for decisions


Basis for cost and time estimates


Impact analysis to estimate costs and results of an action


Documentation of automated and manual modification


More cost-effective project management in all areas

At a Glance

With PITSS.CON Source Code Analytics (PITSS.CON SA), the necessary, relevant information for strategic Oracle Forms decisions is available from the very beginning of a project.  Because deciding on the best strategy for business-critical applications often takes more than intuition, PITSS.CON includes Source Code Analytics as the platform for Oracle Forms which underpins decisions with facts. Software quality analysis with meaningful reports and detailed statistics reveal every relevant piece of information needed to back up strategic decisions. With fully automated and easy to use reports, these results deliver continual and objective reviews of the quality of an application which enable active risk management, significant improvements, and considerable cost reductions.

Typical Usage Scenarios

IT management requires accurate statements in order to decide funding. Using PITSS.CON Source Code Analytics can answer a lot of questions such as:

  • How good is the quality of the application?
  • How maintainable is the software?
  • What does the training of new employees entail?
  • Is outsourcing possible?
  • What re-engineering measures are required?
  • What are the implications of upgrading to the latest version of Forms?
  • What are the risks of migration to Oracle ADF / JEE, APEX or any GUI?
  • What quality deficits must be addressed in the short term?

The Technology Behind PITSS.CON

All program components of Oracle Forms and Reports applications are stored in the PITSS.CON repository. This metadata, as well as the detailed statistical data, are automatically generated and prepared for a variety of considerations. The business logic of the applications are fully analyzed. All development objects are included in the analysis. Recognized software metrics allow an objective software quality analysis and lead directly to problem areas. The analysis of the entire application:

  • FMB, MMB, PLL, OLB and RDF Modules
  • Database┬áFunctions, Handlers, Packages, and Triggers
  • External Components such as SQL blocks, PL / SQL, or Java
  • Samples of Quality Characteristics and Key Figures
  • Average Program Size
  • Middle Row Size
  • Comments Per Line of Code
  • Naming
  • Application Usage
  • Global Varying┬áUse
  • Table Use
  • Object Number
  • Dead Code Percentage
  • Redundant Code
  • Error Handling

Assessment based on the quality metrics:

  • McCabe
  • Halstead
  • Maintainability Index
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