PITSS | Oracle Forms to APEX Migration


APEX on the Web: Cost-Effective Development of Your Forms

You want to migrate your Oracle Forms to APEX, the maintenance-free alternative for web-based development, without writing off your past investments?

PITSS.CON can migrate your Oracle Forms to APEX and reduce the risk, time, and cost of the APEX migration by up to 80%!


Acquisition of business logic from Oracle Forms for use in APEX


Risks outlined in our Forms analysis


Automation of routine tasks of migration


Migration using proven methods with human decisions at the center


Cost-effective project execution thanks to guided process steps


Technology base for innovative development

The Oracle Forms to APEX Migration Summary

With PITSS.CON, you can successfully migrate your Oracle Forms to APEX. The product that revolutionized Oracle Forms and Reports migration is now revolutionizing the Oracle Forms to APEX redesign. PITSS.CON is loaded with technical capabilities, which make modernization projects easier than most would expect. Because software migrations are more complex than simple one-to-one rewrites, PITSS.CON re-engineers more than just the visual components into modern APEX layouts.

By removing the unused components from applications, then transferring and re-building the architecture of the core business logic to the database, it opens the way to more modern technology. This approach preserves the company’s investment in Oracle Database applications and creates new APEX web applications that meet modern requirements, Oracle “Best Practices”, and service-oriented architecture standards.

PITSS.CON uses a repository approach to load, parse, and re-engineer entire Oracle applications. During this process, all input sources are decomposed (using native Oracle API) into metadata and business rules, then stored and managed in PITSS.CON Oracle Database schemas.

After the parsing, analysis, and preparation phases, the PITSS.CON Oracle Forms to APEX migration re-engineers and recreates the application using native Oracle APEX API. Our process ensures 100% consistency and compliance with standards for the resulting source code. The same development steps that would be used in manual re-engineering projects are automated in this process, while also reducing the risks and errors typically associated with manual migration.

More than ten years of upgrading, re-engineering, migrating and modernizing thousands of customer applications have improved the PITSS.CON parsing and re-engineering engines to near-perfection.

Functional Highlights

  • Speed up the Oracle Forms to APEX redesign to a fraction of┬áthe time required by manual conversions.

  • Generate pure Oracle APEX artifacts, without any┬ánon-Oracle proprietary components

  • Adapt to APEX architecture, adjusting page navigation┬áand transaction management.

  • Document the migration process, easily prioritizing and┬ámanaging the redesign steps.

  • Assess the migration effort accurately, down to┬áindividual┬ámodules and project phases.

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