PITSS | Oracle Forms to ADF Migration


Migrate Oracle Forms to Java Frameworks Efficiently using PITSS.CON

Java development is state-of-the-art, but what should you do with your mission-critical Oracle Forms applications?

PITSS.CON can migrate Oracle Forms to ADF and reduce the risk, time, and effort involved by up to 80%!


Protects your previous investments in Oracle Forms

Future Access

With up-to-date, declarative Java frameworks


Risks outlined with our Forms analysis


Automation rate of 50% – 80%, and automation of routine tasks


Through a methodical approach and high adaptability of the steps


Cost-effective project implementation due to the small manual rework

At a Glance

With PITSS.CON, it’s possible to complete a fast, successful Oracle Forms to ADF (Application Development Framework) migration. Based on PITSS.CON’s analysis and re-engineering power, the Oracle Forms to ADF Assistant is uniquely equipped to support the migration of eneterprise Oracle Forms to ADF and JEE architecture. Next-generation technologies, such as ADF Business Components and JSF/ADF Faces, will bring the application into the 21st century through a guided process that protects past investments that were developed in Oracle Forms over the years. This is done in a controlled, largely-automated, and cost-effective process with a boost to productivity at no additional cost.

Functional Highlights

  • Fast and secure Oracle Forms to ADF and JEE migration
  • Know-How “To Go” provides fundamental expert knowledge
  • Phased approach for enterprise applications
  • Cost-effective, automated solutions protect the investment in Oracle Forms
  • Specific scheduling is broken down to each individual module and phase of the project
  • Code is generated using Oracle “Best Practices” and “Programming Guidelines”
  • High adaptability of the generators at its own guidelines, standards, UI requirements and artifacts
  • Supports flexible architectural decisions in accordance with operational requirements, strategies, and skills
  • Application of SOA principles to increase recycling rates and provide clear architecture
  • Regeneration of standards, native Java frameworks, XML artifacts, and ADF components without Oracle foreign proprietary code
  • Generating an application that is easily developed using JDeveloper
  • Highest quality of generated components ensures easy identification of code and intervention of developers
  • Take your developers through “on-the-job training”
  • Methods-controlled approach throughout the migration, such as SCRUM
  • State-of-the-art ADF architecture
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