PITSS | Oracle Forms Maintenance and Development

Maintenance and Development

Intelligent Re-Engineering for Oracle Forms Conversion, Migration, Modernization, and Upgrades

Reduce Oracle Forms maintenance cost by simplifying the application and increasing its code quality.

Compare Oracle Forms and Reports modules and identify the differences among file versions.

High Quality

Increased application quality through tool-based code editing


Simplfied and optimized code facilitates manual development


Removes typical sources of error through automation


Automation of development, maintenance, and upgrades


Perform many
repetitive tasks for thousands of modules at once


More cost-effective project management through automation of development tasks

At a Glance

PITSS.CON Development accelerates the software changes and overall design for Oracle Forms and Reports applications. For this purpose, PITSS.CON Oracle Forms Maintenance & Development provides intelligent, model-based re-engineering processes that reduce the development team’s efforts considerably; automated mass changes such as one-click changes, additions, deletions, and replacement of application components, code, and properties will shorten the development, maintenance, and upgrade process. The application quality simultaneously increases, allowing Oracle Forms to easily adapt, evolve, and prepare for the future. Oracle Forms conversion, upgrade, and migration of any complexity can benefit from the PITSS.CON Oracle Forms Maintenance & Development tools for Oracle Forms by reducing repetitive tasks for hundreds of modules with just one click.

Functional Highlights

  • Direct access to exchange the end of files, programs, objects of one or more applications
  • One Click Search: Find all objects, text, artifacts, etc., in thousands of programs in seconds
  • One Click Development: Mass change of program sources in seconds
  • Automated simplify the implementation and improvement of code quality
  • Comparison of Forms and Reports to identify all deviations
  • Rule-based code review and targeted testing actually modified programs
  • Promotes the use of code conventions for improved code consistency and developer efficiency
  • Built-In┬áoperations that resolve common┬ádevelopment and migration issues
  • Create your own operations, test and apply for 1 to n program sources
  • Complex verification and processing processes from existing operations create
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