PITSS | Oracle Forms Application Engineering


Modern Service-Oriented Architecture and Oracle Forms Web Services

You have reached the limits of maintainability and further development is almost impossible, but innovation is too risky. What next?

Tool-based approach to clean, optimize and modernize: Re-Engineering with PITSS.CON Application Engineering!

Get Value

Protection of investments in business-critical Oracle Forms


Code optimization by simplifying and reducing lines of code


Lower maintenance expenses due to separation of UI, process, and logic


Automate time-consuming redundant tasks


Benefits of new technologies can be exploited


Automated analysis and implementation creates cost-effective project management

At a Glance

With PITSS.CON Application Engineering, Oracle Forms applications can meet any technology modernization challenge. Whether the target is Oracle Forms and Reports 11g or 12c, ADF, APEX, or other technology, PITSS.CON Oracle Forms Application Engineering will get you there safely and within budget. With over a decade of experience and hundreds of successful Forms migration projects, PITSS.CON has been distilled into a unique, powerful suite of modernization processes. The result is a step-by-step methodology that reduces risks by implementing service-oriented architecture principles in Forms applications, such as increased connectivity and maximized reuse.

Functional Highlights

  • Analysis of the application, its functionality and complexity
  • Automatic generation of current documentation
  • Automated application reengineering
  • Design and construction of the future architecture and application
  • Graphical and┬álogical support in the┬ácreation┬áof the new application
  • Architecture optimization
  • Simplification of the application by identifying and removing unused and redundant objects, reduction of programs and complexity
  • “Go” Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) by recording and exposing of real-time processes from the application (user stories)
  • Scaling the business logic as web services
  • Designing the data access layer with wizard-based tools for better connectivity and security
  • Manufacture transparency to implement different security concepts
  • Compatible with the future: DAL & Web Service wizards
  • Web Service Wizard automatically generates Oracle Forms Web services for newly created database program units
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