PITSS | Application Analysis - Oracle Forms Analysis

Application Analysis

The Oracle Forms Analysis Tool that finds all Oracle Forms Dependencies and More

Gain a deeper understanding of your Oracle application’s components and structure.


Receive a full-impact analysis of upcoming changes to your application and identify affected systems and their side effects.


Easily incorporated into the full source code of the application


Cost of changes are systematically determined


All analysis results can be integrated into software documentation


Errors are eliminated by avoiding side effects


Analysis of all development objects within the application


Tool-supported analysis lowers the cost of execution

At a Glance

With the PITSS.CON Application Analysis, Oracle Forms and Reports applications of all sizes and levels of complexity can be quickly and accurately analyzed, allowing organizations to take the guesswork and risk out-of-application development and maintenance. Using Oracle’s own API and the analytical power of a centralized data repository, PITSS.CON Application Analysis performs a fast, detailed Oracle Forms analysis of even the most complex and comprehensive applications. This can be used for powerful what-if simulations, sophisticated research, and comprehensive reporting. The in-depth insight applies at every level, from day-to-day work to large-scale re-engineering and migration projects. This allows the development teams to better understand connections and implement requirements, ensuring that your investment in Oracle Forms and Reports applications will pay off for years to come.

Functional Highlights

  • Atomization (parsing) of all loaded program objects
  • Automatic analysis of the entire application, including all menus, libraries, reports, database elements, and further development objects
  • Representation of all components and structures of Oracle Applications from the mask field to the table column
  • Representation of all Oracle Forms dependencies, including the use of program functions, database or module objects
  • Complete dependence analysis for pending changes by identifying affected systems and side effects
  • Implementation of structural changes of columns┬áand┬áadjustment of the relevant programs
  • Export of analysis results as text, HTML or PDF file for software documentation
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