PITSS Partners with Pivotal to Transform Legacy Systems

DETROIT – May 11, 2017 – PITSS, leader in digital transformation for legacy systems has partnered with Pivotal® to offer full-service digital transformation for legacy systems and applications.

Organizations in every industry can benefit from digital transformation, yet many organizations are hesitant to take the first step. Pivotal digital transformation projects are considered world-class. That’s why the partnership between PITSS and Pivotal enables these organizations to innovate by offering new software, solutions, and digital strategy roadmaps.

Our partnership with Pivotal adds a truly modern and scalable cloud platform to our unique legacy transformation process.

Jason Marra

VP of Sales and Operations, PITSS

Pivotal is a clear leader in digitally transforming an organization’s mission-critical data and external facing systems. However, in many cases organizations rely on legacy systems that were developed more than 20 years ago to run their business operations.

By combining PITSS’s expertise in refactoring existing business logic to transform and optimize legacy Oracle systems with Pivotal’s enterprise grade cloud native solutions, the partnership provides a resilient and flexible solution for turning legacy applications into modern ones.

We can now provide our customers with a solution that not only digitally transforms their legacy Oracle applications, but also future-proofs them. We’re offering a next generation platform that supports continuous delivery and horizontal scale for rapid growth.

Jason Marra

VP of Sales and Operations, PITSS

The partnership with Pivotal also allows PITSS to deliver on its key promise of value for every customer. Their expertise with Oracle database and application tools gives PITSS a strong command of the challenges faced by customers of these technologies, allowing them to uniquely help organizations overcome their technical debt.

Through this new partnership with Pivotal, PITSS can fast-track their customers, solutions, and developers onto a leading enterprise platform, maximizing the return on their commitment to transformation.

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Anna Daugherty

Digital Marketing Manager


PITSS modernizes, customizes, migrates, and extends the life of valuable legacy Oracle systems. Using data, proprietary software, and deep-dive analysis, we reduce the cost and scope of your digital transformation effort by focusing on the highest ROI processes first. Then, we pave the complete road between you and your new horizons with confidence and expertise. Our full-stack team of experienced UI/UX designers, developers, engineers, technical leads and project managers can guide you through each step of a project. No one knows Oracle Forms like we do—we can take you from planning, to pilot, to the cloud and beyond.

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