Oracle Partnership

Oracle is the world´s leading supplier of information management software and the second largest independent software company of the world. Oracle databases and Oracle technologies are used worldwide in almost every sector these days. 100 companies of Fortune 100 believe in the proven technologies of Oracle. Oracle is the first software company that develops and launches 100% internet-enabled enterprise software throughout its whole product line. This includes Oracle databases and Oracle applications as well as Oracle development and decision tools. Oracle has about 390.000 customers and forms the world´s largest developer community with over 15 million Oracle developers. Oracle Forms belongs to Oracle Fusion Middleware and is Oracle’s oldest technology for fast and efficient development of business applications. With the Oracle Statement of Direction (Oracle Application Development Tools Statement of Direction: Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports and Oracle Designer, Oracle, March 2012) Oracle confirms its strategy to hold on to the established and pervasive technology Oracle Forms and keeps up its further development with new releases as an element of the Oracle platform. This proceeding of the Oracle Forms technology allows Oracle Forms customers to take advantage of their consisting investments by upgrading and integrating their existing Oracle Forms applications, in order to profit from Web technologies and service-oriented architectures (SOA). The newest Oracle Forms version is Oracle Forms 11g.

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