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PITSS Partner Program

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PITSS Solutions is in business with thousands of professionals in more than 25 countries. Going beyond direct market approach, PITSS is continuously broadening its reach through partners in many countries. PITSS is active in building a strong network of partners to support their customers globally.

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Excellent Market

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Additional Revenue

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Low Investments

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Additional Business

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Contact Us About Partnership!

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Additional Information

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Why Partner With PITSS?

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PITSS is the leading software supplier for modernizing Oracle Forms and reports applications. For over ten years, PITSS has almost exclusively focused on Oracle technologies. The complete and fully-integrated Oracle Forms development platform PITSS.CON simplifies and streamlines Oracle Forms development and maintenance. Designed for analyzing, migrating, updating, and modernizing entire Oracle Forms applications, PITSS.CON automates all developmental stages of a project for greater efficiency, higher-quality applications, and lower development costs. It extends the lifespan of applications, enabling them to be easily migrated and updated to the latest technology standards, such as ADF, APEX, Java, or Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

With its highly-automated mechanism, PITSS.CON is the software tool that makes management, maintenance, and modernization of Oracle Forms applications easier and more cost-effective than any other method on the market. Its expertise is derived from more than 500 successful projects globally, programmed into predefined templates and projects.

Our customers gain the advantages of a reliable solution for maintaining and modernizing their Forms solutions while protecting their investments taken in the past. PITSS is always looking for professional and strategic partners whose skills and services are complimentary to ours, and interested to market PITSS products, expanding the range of solutions they can offer to their clients.s expanding the range of solutions they can offer to their clients.

The Business Opportunity

For almost two decades, Oracle Forms has been among the leading Oracle development tools. Proven applications (initially developed with Forms 2.3, 3, 4.5, or 6) are still intensively used by customers in mission-critical environments globally. Oracle and its Forms tool has a broad, satisfied customer base with thousands of applications and millions of customers.

Similar to the development of the Oracle database and the Oracle application server, Oracle Forms keeps up with the technological challenges and offers customers impressive prospects in its latest versions. Tens of thousands of organizations running mission-critical and proven Forms applications are facing the challenge of retaining the value of these applications.

Competitive Advantage

Whether you’re moving forward to the latest web Forms environment or keeping up with current technology, or even evolving these applications to a J2EE/ADF or APEX environment, PITSS.CON offers a reliable and cost-effective solution to keep in-step with the technology-driven challenge. Proven solutions stay maintainable, delivering the required business value on modern platforms as well. With PITSS.CON, partners increase their competitive advantage, raise their revenue potential, and keep their trusted adviser relationship with their prospects and clients.

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Excellent Market

Huge Oracle Developer-Customer Base
Open Market without Competitive Situations
Prepared Market

Additional Revenue

PITSS.CON Maintenance Sales
Oracle License Sales (DB, IAS, WebLogic, Fusion Middleware Stack)
Partner Services Sales

Low Investments

Low Financial/Technical Investments Required
Very Short Ramp-Up Time
High Margins with Attractive Discount Model

Additional Business

New Up-Sell Opportunities
Business Via Service Sales
Business Through New Technologies
(J2EE/ADF, APEX, etc.)

PITSS Commitment

Full Support During Ramp-Up Phase
Backing in Ongoing Processes
Collateral and Marketing Support
Protected Customer Base

To learn more about becoming a PITSS Certified Partner, please contact the PITSS Partner Program manager at 0049 8171 21 62 06.

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Partnership Types

PITSS and its partner network continuously works to ensure the success of their global customer base. We are committed to our partners’ success by delivering high-quality products, support, education, marketing, cooperation and sales initiatives, ensuring your profitable business as a certified PITSS partner. With our several partner programs, we intend to establish a long-term beneficial cooperation between PITSS and its channel partners. PITSS currently offers three main partner categories: Certified Reseller, Certified Implementer, and a combination of both the Certified Advantage Partners.

Certified Reseller Partners offer whole PITSS.CON product stacks, including licenses as well maintenance and support contracts. Certified Implementer Partners offer PITSS.CON and additional services, including consulting and support services for successful project realization. Certified Advantage Partners offer a full range of PITSS.CON product stacks, including maintenance and support agreements, ensuring customers success while providing all PITSS.CON-related and additional services to take full advantage of PITSS in all project requirements.


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