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Migrating to BI Publisher [FAQ]

BI Publisher is an attractive replacement option for Oracle Reports if your enterprise is looking to stay within the Oracle technology stack. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible support as you explore your enterprise reporting strategy. That’s why we’ve collected some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers, webinar attendees, and around the web.

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Reports Migration Q&A

The most important questions from users. Sign up to get immediate access to our Oracle Reports series. The question of the alternatives to the soon-to-be discontinued Oracle Reports currently concerns many IT decision makers. By 2023 at the latest, full support will...

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Top 4 Modern Reporting Software Features

Want to access our entire Oracle Reports series? The industry expectations and demands for new reporting tools are high. However, it’s interesting to know which features of modern reporting solutions are particularly important to users. This insight can be useful for...

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4 Takeaways from Our Oracle Reports Strategy Webinar

In our most recent webinar on why enterprises need an Oracle Reports strategy, we learned several key takeaways that can help organizations in every industry. Because of recent updates to the Oracle Reports Sustaining Support policy, enterprises are looking for...

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Why You Need an Oracle Reports Strategy [WEBINAR]

Live Feb. 28 at 11 am EST. JasperReports is a strong reporting contender. As part of our Oracle Reports Series, we’ve investigated the best options for migrating end-of-life Oracle Reports applications. This webinar will showcase why JasperReports in particular is a popular migration option.

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Take Application Reporting to the Next Level

Throughout this month, we’ve explored what organizations should do if they rely on the end of life Oracle Reports product. In this article, let’s discuss how to take your reporting to the next level to help your organization get the most from your data.

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Top 5 Oracle Reports Alternatives

You'll soon need to find an alternative for end-of-life Oracle Reports.Sign up to get immediate access to our Oracle Reports series.Since Reports will not be part of future Forms releases, customers are left with the question of what to do. Oracle intends to push...

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Reports Migration Steps

Migrating from an unsupported Reports version to a new technology requires knowledge and understanding of both frameworks, as well as a true understanding of your Forms application. This article explains the migration steps necessary for a successful project.

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Developing a Reports Migration Strategy

Which reporting migration approach is right for your organization? Register now for our Oracle Reports strategy webinar. Because Oracle Reports has been given an official end-of-life date, it’s now more important than ever to evaluate your reporting strategy. This...

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What’s Next for Oracle Reports?

Oracle Reports is reaching end of life. Do you have a reporting strategy for your legacy applications? This article gives some context for the future of Oracle’s reporting tool.

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JasperReports Migration Survey Results

Oracle's announcement of the end of its reporting tool Oracle Reports is driving many IT executives to explore new alternatives. One of the most popular Oracle Forms alternatives so far is JasperReports from TIBCO. More than 50% of attendees in one of our webinars in...

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