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Q&A – Boost your Oracle Reports2Jasper Reports [webcast]
“For us Jasper Reports is the ideal technology to replace Oracle Reports. PITSS helped us with the technology selection and guided us through the migration project. ” (Customer)

“With more than 15 million downloads, it is the reporting engine that takes raw data and turns it into beautifully rendered reports and data visualizations. (TIBCO Jaspersoft)

The high interest in last week’s #LiveMigration Oracle Reports to Jasper Reports confirmed the significance of the topic. About #100 attendees and their interesting questions about the expiration of Oracle Reports support and the great future of Jasper Reports inspired this event.
See some FAQs from this webcast, which will help you on the way to your migration project of Oracle Reports.

Your most important questions about an Oracle Reports to JasperReports migration
What about our Oracle Reports that we are executing in batch files? Do we have the same functionality with Jasper Reports?

Yes – you could run Jasper also from command line 

What are the componants required to convert from oracle to Jasper? (server, license, cost, integration time frame, etc....)?
The typical starting point is: Tomcat with Jasper Server, Jasper Server in open-source community edition, integrate via WebService. Time Frame depends on the complexity of your reports
Could you connect more than one database to one report?
How does Jasper handle dashboards?

From the JasperReports Server User Guide: „A Jaspersoft Dashboard displays several reports in a single, integrated view. A dashboard can include other dashboards, input controls for choosing the data displayed in one or more frames, and custom frames that point to URLs for other content. By combining different types of related content, you can create appealing, data-rich dashboards that quickly convey trends.“

How long does it take for an Reports developer to become competent with Jasper?

I take a 5 day training and I’m able to migrate the simple reports. My colleague, which are more familiar, have a very cool learning curve and after 2-3 month they are ready to take the biggest one. It’s importent to train on the job and start with the easy once.

How to connect with oracle database before migration?

Use setup database connections via JDBC inside the IDE. The report reference to the name of the db-connection, which could differ from IDE to test and production environment. 

Are there any Oracle Reports features that the conversion tool has difficulty converting? Such as conditional formatting, Graphs, etc?

We don’t cover matrix reports by now (matter of not realy used by the customers so far) and we advise to redo graphics, because they are cool in Jasper and fast to setup.

Is it possible to send a Jasper report directly to a specified printer ?
That is typically a task for a java post processing implementation. There is no out-of-the box solution in the jasper server, but this could be easily enhanced.
We call and use a lot of database functions, can they be called and used in Jasper?
Yes – in the Query and within the scriplets.
Does Oracle Apex have a report development tool? Can it create complicated reports like Oracle Reports and Jasper?
There is no APEX internal reporting tool available. You could use the export functionalities of Interactive Grids. Oracle tend to integrate AOP – we are also work on migration to this approach.
Is the development tool for the Pro and Community versions the same? Does it have the same functionality?
If you cover the functionalities from Oracle Reports the „basics“ in Community and Pro are enough and the same. There are some addons in the Pro, which enhance the functionality (e.g. customizable Dashboards, etc.) but we do not rely on this in the migration. Most of our customer use the community edition
Can Jasper reports be called from Oracle Forms? We need to embed Jasper or whatever reporting tool we use into our application.

Yes – you could integrate this via WebServices and Web.Show_Document features in Oracle Forms. 

Does BI Publisher have a true development tool like Jasper and Oracle Reports?

BI Publisher provide three different ways to create a layout for a designed data model:
1.) There is a webbased online design tool for simple reports. It’s easy to use but with limited functionalities. 
2.) Microsoft Word. With this you create a RTF Template in the way you create classic form letters in Word. 
3.) Direct writing of XSL without an IDE. 
From the developer point of view, none of them is an IDE like Oracle Reports developer or Eclipse. 

Beside Oracle Application server also a Jasper Server is needed?

You could integrate Jasper as a Java-class in your application or you could use the jasper server. This is usualy deployed on a lightweight server like tomcat or in Forms environment also on a WLS.

You said that Jasper reports is open source but on jaspersoft.com I see only a "Try Jaspersoft Free for 30 Days". It's open source or not?

There are different downloads on the Jasper WebSite. There is a community edition and a pro edition available.

How the reports can be integrated into our current Banner CIS system and how we can create a Jaspersoft Dashboard to run the reports

Jasperreports typically provide two different ways of integration. On one hand you can use the Jasperreports Javaclasses and embedding them into a Javabased application. With the API you could run the reports. On the other hand you could use the Jasperreports Server and communicate with them via webservices. 
Jasper Reports Dashboards are a functionality of the Server and you could configer them directly in the WebUI of the server. 

Is Character based printing (invoices, pay checks) possible?

Yes, you could also create reports like invoices, pay checks, etc. with Jasper. 

Is there a way of automatic conversion?

Yes, try our Reports Replacer Kit!

What about licensing to jasper reports? What about BI publisher/OAC and another open source reports options?

Jasper provide different Versions (community, professional, etc.) which have different licence costs. The community edition is the only free version of those you mentioned. BI Publisher and OAC are not free and need a licence of the Server or the cloud offerings. If you like to discuss other reports solution (BIRT, AOP, PLPDF, etc.) or if you are interested in any kind of licence, please get in contact with sales@pitss.com

The next recommended step is to take the Free Migration Quickcheck to see your Oracle Reports being migrated to Jasper Reports.

Any question left?

Could you find all the answers to your questions on this page? If not, we will be happy to be there for you personally and clarify all open points. Just fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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