ADF Migration Edition

Forms Migration to ADF Java

Technology Base

The PITSS.CON Technology Base is the foundation for efficient and effective application management. With its clearly structured repository approach, PITSS.CON organizes application information to make Oracle Forms applications significantly easier to understand, control, develop and prepare for forms to ADF migrations. It covers the entire life cycle management process, enabling organizations to better meet today’s business challenges.

Maintenance & Development

PITSS.CON Maintenance & Development revolutionizes Oracle Forms application development and maintenance – shortening development projects, improving application quality and enabling standardized application code.

Application Analysis

PITSS.CON Application Analysis delivers in-depth insight into even the most complex Oracle Forms applications. With its 360° view of the entire application, PITSS.CON Application Analysis lets you quickly and precisely analyze the impact of proposed changes, identify obsolete or problematic code and streamline the forms migration to Java ADF and  possibly even a transition to a service-oriented architecture.

Application Engineering

PITSS.CON Application Engineering (Forms SOA Suite) brings the business and technical advantages of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) to Oracle Forms applications. Ensuring complete investment protection, PITSS.CON enables organizations to easily and efficiently migrate Oracle Forms applications to ADF.

ADF Assistant

The PITSS.CON ADF Assistant is specially designed to boost productivity for forms migration of legacy Oracle Forms applications to the JEE architecture, Oracle JDeveloper11g and the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF). Besides paving the way for Oracle Forms customers to move into a new state of the art software-architecture, it also enables the integration of your application into a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment.


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